Megadeth Video Slot Review

MegaDeth video slots picIf you’re a huge Megadeth fan this Megadeth video slot might just be the right thing for you! Megadeth are one of the major names in thrash metal, and as such, they have helped form the genre itself. Now you have the possibility to experience some of the greatest hits of this awesome band while playing a quality game of slots.

The Game

It was high time that a heavy metal band had an online slot machine game. The Megadeth slots were developed by a very popular slots design company – Leander, and it is possible to play it using an array of primary casino platforms. The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines. The player can bet up to three coins on the payline.

MegaDeth Wild in slotsThe game has a maximum jackpot of $5,000. It also comes with a wild and scatter symbols and free spin. This is a high quality video slot in every way. The graphics are cool, the gameplay is interesting and the control panel is convenient. There are also bonus features which make the experience more interesting.

Bonus Features

When playing Megadeth slots there are two bonus features. The first can be activated when the player turns on ‘Mega Nudge’ and the bet is then doubled. The player then at the end of each spin automatically receives up or down nudges. This will award the best possible win.

The other bonus is activated when the player receives the ‘Vic Rattlehead’ bonus symbol on reels one, three and five. The bonus allows the player exceptional winnings.

The Band

Megadeth is an extremely popular band from the 1980s. Most of their records sold gold or platinum and they have millions of fans all over the world. The band itself is heavily featured in the game. The members of the band appear as icons on the reels, and their instruments are also present. Mustaine is the wild card and the bonus symbol is named Vic Rattlehead. This is perfect for those hardcore fans of the band who will be ecstatic to experience this kind of slot game.

The Music

As one would expect, the soundtrack of this game is Megadeth music. As you play, you will be able to hear the raging of a heavy metal concert. The player can enjoy awesome guitar riffs while winning major bucks. The tunes included in the game are some of the band’s most popular hits such as Hangar 18, Head Crusher and many more. The songs play as the reels are spun.

MegaDeth whole slot machineAll in all, this awesome game fulfils the expectations of both hardcore metal fans and slot addicts. The quality and refinement of this game is hard to match, and even if the payoff indexes are not extremely high, this game will provide countless hours of enjoyment. If you’re a fan of the band, you will enjoy seeing them and their instruments spin around while you’re listening to their most popular hits. It is really a blast from the past!