Music in Video Slots

Lately, the popularity of slots has sky rocketed, and a major part of that is the music found in them. With the development of the games, manufacturers have also brought the tunes that accompany them to new levels. In this article, we will give a short review of the sound effects and music in video slots, and the reasons why it makes all the difference when playing.


In 1895, Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot machine. Little did he know then that his invention would be expanded to such great magnitudes. The latest development in slots is video slot machines – they are found online and are not too dissimilar from traditional video games. Today, there are thousands of different variations of video slots. A lot of them include bonus games and a huge quantity of winning lines. This is all a product of the wish to make the gambling experience more entertaining for players.

Music and Sound Effects in Video Slots

One of the other features which improve the overall experience for players and contribute to the popularity of video slots is the music featured in the games. Many people absolutely adore the sound effects presented in video slots, and consider them to be an integral part of playing as much as jackpots and spinning reels. This have not been less true when it comes to slots on mobile. You can read more about mobile slots here.

How it influences playing

Studies have shown that sound has a major impact on people. A Canadian study clearly demonstrated that the sounds typical of slots – bells, whistles and catchy tunes – make people think they are losing less or winning more than they actually are. The sensory stimulus that comes from music in video slots produces arousal and makes players feel ‘hyped-up’ even when they are losing. This makes it more likely that people will continue playing even after they had lost a large quantity of money. These losses are usually called LDWs, or ‘losses disguised as wins’.

Newest Improvements

Music in video slots is commonly upbeat and cheerful, as to not let the player become discouraged. These days, it is also often tailored to the game.

These days, players also have the option of turning the sound effects and music which plays by default and turn on their own playlist. There are numerous articles online which recommend playlists and songs which can enhance your playing experience.

Music-themed slots

There is also a huge range of video slots that have a specific musical theme. For those who love a specific genre, or are simply huge music fans, there are such slots as The Elvis, Jazz of New Orleans, Jazzy Jazzy slot, Rock n Rolls, Opera themed slots and many, many more.

In conclusion, slots have been around for a long time, and for most of it, they have been accompanied by various tunes. Based on studies, we can definitely state that music plays an important role in video slots. It helps the player get deeper into the game, but it also helps them feel happy, even when losing.  For the music fans out there, music-themed slots will strive to fulfil all desires and expectations!