Guns N’ Roses Slot Review

This year, NetEnt has released a steady stream of slot games paying tribute to music legends, including Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses. The successful Swedish gaming software developers have approached these legends with the same care and flair they use on their other numerous games. You can expect the smooth action, flawless graphics, and attention to detail that has made them so famous.

The question is, have they simply taken a bog standard – inasmuch as a high standard it is, of a slot game and slapped on a few signature sounds and symbols, or have they improved on it in any significant way?


First Impressions

To answer the question above is, if this slot has had signature sounds and symbols slapped on it, it has been slapped hard. The game is Guns N’ Roses through and through. It starts with a collage video – real video and digital graphics – with Sweet Child O’ Mine playing that encouraging lick.
As soon as the reels show up, all five of them, the music starts playing. Not loops, whole tracks, and you can select your favourites from a set list. The reels are placed on top of the stadium stage, the light rig is animated, and the crowd is swaying. As anticipated, a win makes the crowd go wild.


Nonetheless, does this slot have anything extra that can make it stand out on its own amongst other slot games the same way Guns N’ Roses stood out from hundreds of other similar bands that have tried to rock the world? Firstly, are they really expanding wilds? There is nothing new there, although the animation is superbly smooth and satisfying.
However, there are so many other ways to generate wins:

  • Appetite for Destruction Wild: a randomly triggered, cross-shaped wild with an added free spin.
  • Solo Multiplier: throws a random multiplier from 4-10x on a win of 3 or more of a kind.
  • Legends Spins: a random trigger again, with band members taking over reels as wilds, with 3 free spins.
    There are two more Bonus Features triggered by three or more vinyl records.
  • A spinning wheel chooses which feature you get, either the Encore or the Crowd-pleaser
  • Encore: 10 free spins with a random band member as an expanded wild
  • Crowd-pleaser: click instruments, and gather points, with the chance of re-triggering the Encore feature and get a multiplier on your wins.gunsandroses1As you can see, the sheer number of bonuses is what gives this game an edge. It is over the top, just like the band – a fitting tribute!

Graphics and Sound

Understandably, this is where this game shines the most. If the incredible features are not what win you over, the aesthetics of the game is bound to. As stated earlier, you do not get tacky loops, bound to drive you mad within the hour but full-length songs from the band’s best-of-collection. No choppy crossfades or volume drops when the action picks up either. The sound effects are tasteful and the levels are not needlessly loud.

The soft pastel colour of the background makes the colour shades on the symbols pop, and the style is just on the right side of realism. There are no pixelated portraits, just tastefully rendered graphic novel-style images of the band. The symbol choices are also spot on – guitar picks, records, portraits, card suits with roses and logos.


It is impossible to think anyone already a fan of Guns N’ Roses, as well as gambling, would be unimpressed by this slot game. When it comes to the design of the game itself, it seems reasonable that it might even create more fans of the band, among players who only tried it because of the amazing features.