South Park video slot Review

The TV show South Park is very well known. The video slot machine South Park is however less known. We will talk a little bit more about it here in this article. The TV show has had great success and is known in so many different countries. This has made it interesting for the casino community to make a slot machine with the same theme. It was released around 2013 and is today a very common machine on all casino sites.

The basics about the game

As we already said its has all its influences from the TV show South Park. Therefore you will see all the famous characters from the show. Its Cartman and the rest of the gang spinning around in this fabulous slot machine. You can always here the characters voices from time to time. It all depends on how its going for you when you are playing the game.

The sequel 

There was actually also a sequel released not long ago. This was a great proof of the success of the original slot machine. The new machine is called South Park Reel Chaos or as some people like to call it, just South Park 2.

Its overall similar to the first machine but it has more lively graphics that are really in your face when you play. The bonus mode is especially intense but also the regular part of the game is more lively then the first edition of the slot machine.

The sound effects

You can expect some great sound effects when you play this machine. Its the theme song from the tv show and also other sounds that are the typical South Park sounds. Its the sort of cartoonish sounds that you gonna appreciate if you are a fan of the show. Thanks to these sound effects its a good chance that also someone that’s not a South Park fan could like the game. If you however are looking for a relaxed game to play with some smooth music then this is not the slot machine for you. Its surely one of the more intense games on the market and its gonna make your head spin with all the sounds and cartoons running around screaming in the game.

Where do you find the game

Its a game developed by one of the biggest slot developers in the online casino market. Therefore you will be able to almost find it everywhere. Its especially common for casino´s in Scandinavia to have it. Also more and more casino´s in UK and German are starting to have this game as well. Since the online market is open to everybody you can always just join a Swedish casino if you feel the need to try this game. Its also possible to try it for free since its a “play money” mode available in this game. There you can play with fake coins and get a feel for the game, see if its worth the effort to really deposit money and play the game for real.