Why Is Music So Important To Slots?

You might have often wondered “Why is music so important to slots?”. Why do these huge gambling companies spend money to make the tunes which accompany slots so special? Well, in this article you will find the answers to these questions and more.

The Casino Industry

Music has always been important in all audio-visual media. Video game developers discovered early on that they have to take extra care to put a special kind of soundtrack in their games. Games that are meant to be played for a longer period of time and are somewhat repetitive will often have a repetitive and upbeat tune, which is especially developed to be played in the background so that it doesn’t take up much of the player’s attention. You can see a great example of this in the Super Mario games.

The Casino industry, on the other hand, is somewhat different. In the video game industry, the only thing at stake is the player’s time, but in a casino, money is also an issue. They rely on being able to entice their players and make them come back time and time again. They have to draw players and make them play as long as possible. This is where music comes in.

Studies and Experiences with slots music

A study made in 2005 showed that the one key factor in whether and how much people will play a slot machine is its music. They concluded that music from the machine produces an important impression about the quality and distinctiveness of the machine, as well as the odds of winning on it.

Another study showed the link between the music played and the feeling of loss players experience. Basically, slots music is often designed to make the player happy so that they feel their losses less. When subjects played with sound, they reported having won a lot more games than they actually won, and when the sound was turned off, their perceived winnings were lessened.

What do sound designers say?

A certain sound designer who works for a slots company described his job as basically trying to produce music that will draw people in quickly. He has to make his machines interesting enough to compete with other noisy slots in a casino. He has to make a soundtrack that will be infused with the particular theme of the game, but also be effective in a casino environment.

So, why is music so important to slots?

The casino industry puts a great emphasis on music. Unlike video games, slots have to draw players and make them start playing. Designers have do make music that is related to the game, but also explosive enough to lure people in. This is made more difficult by the presence of other slots in the casino, which heightens the competition. The music also has to keep the player content, and often has the effect of lessening the amount of losses. All in all, the experience of playing slots would be a lot different if music was taken out of the equation.