Kiss Video Slot Review

Kiss video slots musik logoAre you looking for a good Kiss video slot review which will give you a general idea of the game, along with some notes on bonuses and music? Well, that is exactly what you will be getting here. Rock out with the slot machine from the popular band KISS, and enjoy the awesome guitar riffs while getting genuine wild payouts.

The Game

KISS is a unique game released by WMS which completely dedicates itself to the theme of the band KISS – from the symbols and imagery to the music – everything is KISS! The game has been universally praised in numerous previous reviews, and with good reason. It features awesome graphics and a great interface. Even if you’re not a fan of the band, you are guaranteed to find the game enticing.  The game has 5 reels with 12 symbols for every reel and an awesome 75 paylines. But there is another game within this one, and it has 5 reels of 4 symbols and 25 paylines. All in all, it is a smart game which was devised to be interesting and to draw the player in.

The game features a wild and scatter symbol, as well as awesome free spins which increase your chance of winning. The scatter symbol is the KISS logo, and the wild symbol is the faces of the band members.

Kiss video slots music screen



It is astounding how many features are on offer in this fun and exciting video slot game. Along with all the free spins and multipliers, there are awesome bonuses you can have.

The greatest bonus feature KISS online slot machine has is its gigantic reels, a superb expansion to its fundamental reels and a slick method for tripling the potential paylines. The four KISS band members will be your extending wild symbols and they will apply their vicinity over the other reels which will be providing you a ton more rewards for your initial wager.

The Artist and Music

The music is precisely what any fan of the band would expect – cool guitar tunes and a rock-hard climate which keeps the heart pumping as you turn to your winning fantasies, reel by reel.  The band is heavily featured in the game. The background track is awesome and the band members will appear in their unique and memorable costumes across the reels. As soon as you start, their painted faces and musical numbers bombard you, and the symbols are all KISS related. Hardcore fans will be delighted at this. You will have the feeling of KISS coming alive to accompany you on your fun slot experience.

So, the KISS game is definitely worth a try. For those who enjoy the band, it will not be disappointing. For those who aren’t fans, the game itself is still fun and will provide colourful entertainment. The bonuses and extra features allow you to make big winnings and the background music and soundtrack will add to the quality and excitement of the game. All in all, the game is definitely a ‘play’!